To create design which is non-conform yet highly functional, that is the essential idea, which characterises the work do…

To create design which is non-conform yet highly functional, that is the essential idea, which characterises the work done by our manufactory. Non-conform stands for the interaction of rational and emotional opposites: it stands for simplification and temptation, minimalism and humanity, objectivity and soul. It stands for less and more, for less‘n‘more. Warm oak wood unites with cool high tech - that is not a contradiction for us. We have gone another step forward with our design objects and have two design areas - Lighting and furniture - creativley united with one another. The result is a multifunctional series of reading furniture, flexible book shelves , mobile shelf or rolling book trolley, throw a new light on our world of design: equipped with our exclusive lighting, you will think differently about reading. Seeing that every piece of our reading furniture has an indiviual character, they naturally also have their own personal name and tell their own story. Open a new chapter of the style story of less‘n‘more with us, a chapter established with experience and yet directs to the future. It would give us great pleasure meeting you at: IMM Cologne // 16.-22.01.2017 Hall 11 E41 or in Paris at Maison et Objet // 20.-24.01.2017 Halle 7 B86-C93 Affectionate regards, your Less`n`more Team

What makes us different

Luminaire manufactory in the German Rhineland – design with passion and great intelligence

Ideas, dreams, ambitions, friendship, responsibility and blood, sweat and tears – that is the essence of less’n’more, the Design Manufactory from the Rhineland. Our company stands for sustainable design – developed and produced in the historic rolling mill in Pulheim not far from our much-loved cathedral city of Cologne.

We design products for our customers and ourselves, taking a holistic approach and reducing these products to their essence. Consummate quality, modern technologies and our love for detail create lasting, aesthetic values.
We manufacture objects that give pleasure and that are in keeping with our idea of responsibility. They represent the perfect symbiosis of sustainability and design. At the same time, we consider our name as an attitude: less is more. Together with our team, we work on our products in creative, historical surroundings with plenty of light, brick, wood and glass.

We work on development, design, production, packaging; we enjoy plenty of laughter and constructive arguments – and we share meals together frequently. Apart from Paul, there are currently around 15 people in our team in the areas of administration, assembly and sales.

less‘n‘more – manufactory for sustainable design. Handmade in Germany.
Kai Steffens & Christian Dinow



From the very first less'n'more hour in 2002, Kai Steffens, as a graduate of industrial design, was concerned with the fascinating subject of LEDs. So we have accompanied the long development process from a not very bright, bluish light to the all-rounder for almost any application from the very start, and, accordingly we also consider ourselves as experts on the subject. Thanks to our patented focussing system, we offer unique luminaires for all areas of living and working. We manufacture entirely by hand in Germany and with a love for detail.

After the company was founded in 2002, Zeus, our first design for LED lighting, won the Design Plus Award in 2004. Once Christian Dinow came on board in 2008, assuming responsibility for marketing and sales, our small company then went from strength to strength. In 2010 and 2011, Athene, which is based on a patented luminaire head, was awarded several prizes: ‘red dot design award 2010’, Luminaire of the Year 2010 (2nd place) and nominated for the German Design Prize 2011. Ylux und Profiler rounded off our product family in 2013.

"LED as a light source was an absolute must for us from the very beginning. It is fully in keeping with our philosophy and the growing need and awareness of environment, sustainability and efficiency. This not only reflects the current market situation but also has advantages for the consumer: LEDs as a light source have a long useful life, are shatter-proof and impact-resistant and generate only little heat with proper heat management. For us, LEDs as a light source also represent the potential for developing miniature lights with very strong luminous intensity, which are the logical outcome of requirements of the LED for perfect surroundings.”

Here, one thing leads to another, and the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts: Ylux, Athene, Profiler, Zeus and Narcissus follow the path from the luminaire to the system. Based on the adjustable-focus luminaire heads, they provide solutions for the most diverse lighting tasks with a combination of an ever-growing number of coordinated components and adaptations.

This approach is not just an important design guideline but it is also our credo. One example is the luminaire head from the Athene system. This is obtained by turning from a piece of solid aluminium. The finished head has an understated design, a wonderfully smooth surface and – it is a perfect heat sink for the LED. In combination with a glass lens system and the patented focussing system, the result is a luminaire head that we use skilfully again and again as the light source for new luminaires. What is more, the combination results in extremely low requirements for space to store components that are used regularly.

Choice oak, concrete and the finest porcelain are put to greater use in the current collections. “We love working with oak from the local areas. When it’s treated properly, it feels velvety and warm, its unique grain is captivating and it creates vibrant structures with the uniquely distinctive nature of its surface. Porcelain is the ideal natural material to work with. Superb for applications requiring both technical functionality and decorative appearance. And once the end of a long product life has been reached, the porcelain can be recycled and recommence a new cycle of use.”

And since we design products that are intended above all to give pleasure to both us and our customers, we also design accessories for interiors, for example, and small pieces of furniture in addition to luminaires.

less‘n‘more – manufactory for sustainable design. Handmade in Germany


Why Paul?

No, it isn’t just a spur-of-the-moment idea. Our Paul is a real character.
He’s been part of the team for over 5 years and is therefore a permanent fixture at less'n'more. Quite unwittingly and without any affectation, he stands for many of our ideas and attitudes. Of course Paul, as a genuine terrier and with his unfailing liveliness, is a real “child of nature”. Here in the manufactury he certainly keeps on our toes and, time and time again, he’s the source for new inspiration. He comes from an absolutely classic race - direct and full of character. This is exactly how we perceive our ideas for lighting.
...And the little fellow is naturally everybody’s darling.



Our athene®, zeus and narcissus luminaire systems aren’t impressing just our customers with their exceptional design and innovative technology.
The professional world is also singing their praises. athene can rightly adorn itself with the coveted awards “Lamp of the Year 2010”, „Red Dot Design Award“ and
the “Nomination for the German Design Prize 2011”. Zeus already received the „DESIGN PLUS“ prize in 2004.